Curriculum Vitae 2020    

Bernhard Isemann

Languages: GO Lang, C++, C#, Assembler, German, English

Radio Amateur License OE3BIA

Development of Packet Radio modem for 144MHz; GPS tracker device for APRS;

License      May 1985

Master of Science

Electronic Engineering and Radio Communcations at Vienna University of Technology;

Certificate Mar 1994

Setup of PCB assembly line in Dubai

Leaded the setup of a new production line for assemply of PABX systems in Dubai for the local telecom market. PCB assemply lines for local manufacturing of terminal devices.

Read more May 2005


NFC enabled payment terminal

Embedded development, hardware design, firmware and software applications for NFC payment terminals. Participated in research and development project with Telekom Austria and Vienna University of Technology

Sep 2011

Chaotic ad-hoc data network - BikeNet

Cities are facing an increasing number of bicycles being used by urban citizen and the need of monitoring and managing this type of traffic becomes part of municipality and city administration. Bicycles shall be able to communicate between each other, exchange data with information service providers in the city and broadcast alarm and emergency messages

Read more Jun 2014

Dutch Radio Amateur License PA3BI

UHF and VHF Tranceiver station in Noordwijk with Ground Plane antenna, APRS gateway and Lora gateway.

License Jan 2016

LoRa Temperature Sensor Network

Raspberry Pi add-on board with Microchip RN2483 tranceiver reporting temperature of DS18B20 senors timeseries into InfluxDB.

Data network with Low Power Payload protocol using Chirp Spread Spectrum modulation

See live graph Aug 2017

tacet - LoRa USB stick tranceiver

The tacet is a USB device with integrated 433 MHz transceiver to chat in privacy.

Chrip spreadspectrum modulation guarantees reliable long distance communiaction and is resident against signal disturbtions and survailance.

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LoRa Server and Gateways

Setup 2 LoRa gateways with Raspberry PI and RAK Wireless 831 Tranceiver card with geographical spread in Noordwijk, Netherlands and Sieghartskirchen, Austria forming one single LoRa service zone.

Username: lora
Password: lora18

Logon May 2018

LoRa node as car engine monitor

Embedded system based on Dragonboard 820c with snapdragon CPU and spreadspectrum transceiver for off-net monitoring of the Jeep Renegade engine;

Aug 2018

Solar powered LoRa node

Completely power independend LoRa node based on Microchip's nanoWatt XLP microcontroller and RN2483 LoRa tranceiver

Apr 2019